петък, 31 октомври 2008 г.

Christmas WordArt

for you:

четвъртък, 30 октомври 2008 г.

"Hand-made Christmas" kit Part 2

"Hand-made Christmas" kit Part 2 is already here:
37 Elements
10 Papers
2 Frames

събота, 18 октомври 2008 г.


This is my new scrap - "Hand-made Christmas".

I really like these holidays very much and aspire to make all about it alone.

Christmas is a time to believe in things you can’t see!!!

And here is my page, I made with my new scrap.
Please send me your LO, made with "Hand-made Christmas", and I post it here. Thank you.

петък, 3 октомври 2008 г.

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